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My name is Kaleigh Quennec

About Kaleigh

dual Swiss & Canadian citizen, student athlete, and all-around leader in the female hockey & business world.

Passionate, charismatic, genuine and focused on empowering others with her relentless energy and resilient approach.
Work Ethic
Kaleigh Quennec

Kaleigh Quennec: Resilient. Leader. Team player. Driven. Authentic. Ask anyone to describe Kaleigh, and these characteristics spring to mind. Born outside Geneva, Switzerland, raised dual-Canadian/Swiss, Kaleigh, from a young age, has always displayed resiliency. As the only female in an all-boys hockey league, she learned early on, the importance of standing up for herself, working hard for what she wanted, and being proud of all that she achieved. These attributes have continued to present themselves in all aspects of Kaleigh’s life. A current student athlete at l’Universite de Montreal, where she is a highly respected member of the Carabins Women’s Hockey team, Kaleigh is regarded by her peers as a leader both on and off the ice. Teammates remark on Kaleigh’s incredible drive, determination and team-oriented nature. These skills are also evident in Kaleigh’s life off of the ice, where family and friends acknowledge Kaleigh’s incredibly kind nature, desire to give back and her relentless hard work. And through it all, Kaleigh remains unapologetically herself. It is these characteristics, plus her unwavering determination, that earned Kaleigh a spot on the roster of Team Switzerland in the most recent Beijing Winter Olympics. Experiences like these, have and continue to drive her plans for the future. Kaleigh aims to leverage her skillset to pursue a path of teaching the younger generation. Whether it be through on-ice instruction, or in the classroom, Kaleigh wishes to apply her natural leadership and to give back in a meaninful way.

Creative & dedicated are things that Kaleigh Quennec brings

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